The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa Citizen is more than a community newspaper, it’s a newspaper in the heart of the capital of Canada. Which is why, when the Ottawa Citizen needed a powerful blogging platform, they turned to a WordPress blogging solution for Rodonic to implement.

With WordPress we’re able to deliver not only a powerful tool but also a tool built with the help of 10,000 or more developers around the world at an incredibly reasonable cost but more importantly, with a rich set of features for online newspaper websites such as:

  • Online editor for rich content editing;
  • Integrated SEO sitemaps, Google API and advertising servers
  • Easy social sharing across networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Scheduled content release, editorial workflow and more

Using a powerful website framework, which operates in unison with the world’s most successful website CMS (content management solution), Rodonic was able to build a stable, highly flexible site platform for bloggers not only in Ottawa but across dozens of Postmedia owned newspapers from Edmonton to Montreal.

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